Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interest with a 'P'!

So, now I'm hooked on Pinterest . . . Feeling inspired to get busy with the sketchbook, so I'll be posting more personal work in 2012 :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December already?!

So, I've been kinda MIA in Square Carousel for a bit (not to mention my illustration work in general) and I'm gradually finding time to catch up with the group. This was my piece for challenge 9, a recipe contest. I was soooo excited for this They Draw and Cook challenge because I love to cook and bake; it’s my other creative outlet when I’m feeling frustrated with my sketchbook. I love to bake sweets (as I also work part time as a baker), but I’m also very health concsious. This a salad that harmonizes sweet, tart, and savory tastes for the holiday season. I use fruits that are in season and savory ingredients to balance the sweetness. Keeping a watchful eye on your figure isn’t so bad during these celebratory occasions if the food you create is flavorful and beautiful. Be an artist in the kitchen and play with some color and mix up some textures – it’s even beneficial for your health! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Don't Only Come Out at Night

We Don't Only Come Out at Night, ballpoint pen & digital

We Don't Only Come Out at Night (black & white), ballpoint pen
Challenge 7 for the Square Carousel illustration collective was to illustrate one of our fears. For my fear I focused on my initional reaction of panic: cockroaches. Yes, I love animals; frogs, snakes, and rats don’t phase me but when I see a dark little silhouette scurry across a kitchen wall I flip out. It’s pretty emabarassing cursing like a sailor about a tiny thing. Looking up reference images just made my stomach turn . . . I found the title We Don’t Only Come Out at Night to be a fitting name for this piece. I wasn’t sure if I prefered the black and white version or the colored, so I posted both.

Disgusting little bastards (excuse my French) . . .

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Grandma Take Me Home . . ."

Grandma Take Me Home, ballpoint pen & digital collage

Listening to music is one of those things that I live on. Living in a podunk town, the radio plays the same terrible pop music from 10 years ago, rotating every 2 hours or so. Other than playing percussion in middle school, I know next to nothing about instruments or history in music. It probably was not until I started college that I started to really listen and explore the genres of music that I truly enjoy. The underground punk rock of the late 80's and the introduction of 90's grunge music particularly strike a common chord with me. Not only do I love the musical itself, but the intentions of the artists to deviate from the pop scene really drew me in.

Going through my portfoilio I see that pretty much have no portraits of any sort, and I thought I would pay tribute to the musicians that have had a huge influence on me and my work.

Nirvana especially intrigued me. I first listened to their more popular & over-played songs (which I still love anyway), but then to listened to less familiar ones, finding that I wanted to just hear more. I started to read more about Nirvana, the band, the lyrics, its influences, and Kurt Cobain's death. Yeah, he was easy on the eyes, but the emotional torment that seemed to progress through his young life just kinda broke my heart; it moved me to do a portrait of Kurt Cobain. The anniversary for the album Nevermind was September 24, when I (almost) finished this piece.

The title of this piece is from the song lyrics of Sliver.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Deer Spirit Animal

Our 5th theme for Square Carousel illustration collective was chosen by me. Being an avid animal lover, I challenged the group to channel their individual spirit (or power) animal. I selected the deer (doe) as my spirit animal. This suggestion was also brought up by fellow Square Carousel member, Caitlin Alexander. However, I was inclined to illustrate a deer for its my love of running and my admiration for the agility of this graceful athlete. And maybe for the large, brown “doe eyes”, too.

As I read more about the symbology of the deer (or doe) in various cultures and legends, I felt that I had picked the perfect spirit animal that related to me inside and out. The recurring qualities that personify the deer, other than its swiftness and agility, are gentleness, compassion, kindness, and unconditional love (often times can be a flaw). The sincerity of compassion and love for all living things reflect my own beliefs and feelings. Deer are also keen observers and have highly sensitive intuition, which I feel reflect my own artistic qualities and aesthetics.

A brief article I came across while researching the symbology of deer:

The topic gentleness is part of this tradition. Many stories tell of Hinds (does) changing into women, often goddesses, to protect does from being hunted. The lesson to be gleaned here is that when we explore magic and spirituality, it must be with good intention, to harm no living being, but to enter the realm of the wild things in the spirit of love and communion.

Deer teach us how powerful it is to be of gentle demeanour, to exert keen observation and sensitivity. Deer are in tune with nature and all it comprises. They are sacred carriers of peace and show those with this power animal how to open their hearts and love unconditionally. (article by Ina Woolcott)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katharine & Company and Interning with AMSET



I started a curatorial internship with the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, Texas two weeks ago, and I just finished designing a postcard for the upcoming exhibit called Obsessive Worlds. The exhibit opens towards the end of this month and continues until early January 2012, featuring fifteen different contemporary artists. I was eager to start more graphic design work, and this internship gives me the opportunity to.

Meanwhile, I also started training for my new job around the same time. I am currently training to be a baker at the local restaurant Katharine & Company in Beaumont, Texas, which I am thouroughly enjoying. I always loved the food there, and now I have the chance to explore my culinary curiosity in the realm of baking! Check out the website to find out about their hours and delicious menu . . .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

They Draw & Travel (or run . . .)

The theme of our fourth challenge for Square Carousel was to illustrate a map for They Draw and Travel, a website featuring artists' maps from around the world.

Although I have been blessed with the opportunity and excitement of traveling overseas to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, I decided to dedicate this challenge to someplace very close to home. A place where I have spent a good deal of time (and miles) around: Northway Park in Orange, Texas. About 20 miles away from my parents’ house is a little dirt trail, 1 mile in distance, which I would (and still do) drive to for a good long run. I can’t even recall the number of miles I have run around this little park, but I have grown quite attached to it. For the landmarks I pin-pointed the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 mile markers (as it is at Northway) but I also had a bit of fun illustrating the things that make this running trail so unique, fun, and sentimental. Use the porta-potty at your own risk . . .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Honey, Let Me Tell You . . .

ballpoint pen & water color, digital

Honey. Our third challenge for the Square Carousel group. This was yet another challenge for me; being so broad a concept, I was overwhelmed with different ways I could interpret it! For my concept (after lots of doodles, sketches, and word lists), I chose to design a pretend label for honey and beauty products. I’ve come across a lot of beauty and soap products that incorporate honey, and I love designing labels and packages. I chose the name Hive Honey after the beehive hair-do. This was a really fun challenge to me, and working traditionally has been so refreshing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Square Carousel: Challenge 2

thumbnails & thought process (just scribbling ideas etc.)

hermit crab comp sketch

snail comp sketch

another snail comp sketch

Home Away from Home (final piece)
ballpoint pen & watercolor
So, this is my illustration to Challenge 2 from Square Carousel. I must confess that I had spent a good deal of time on trying to develop a concept for Caitlin’s challenge: A Home Away from Home. Despite the subject relating to my own point in life in limbo. The definition for limbo: in a state of uncertainty, neglected, up in the air, in abeyance, betwixt and in-between, not knowing whether one is coming or going. There is also sort of a sadness assosiciated with it as it can be described as an imaginary place for lost, forgotten, or unwanted persons or things. With this feeling that I could so easily relate to, I decided to move beyond that sense of vagueness and aloneness, and turn the idea of a Home Away from Home to travel and exploration, adventure and determination. From my time spent in Lacoste, France, I could not help but think of all the snails and their little mobile homes. The snail carries his shell, his home, where ever he ventures, much like we have our family and friends to turn to if necessary. He’s not afraid to go it alone and continue on.

The final piece was done all tradionally: ballpoint pen & watercolor. More time consuming but was a nice break from digital. Almost forgot how fun watercolor is!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Square Carousel

black & white (ballpoint pen)

final color (ballpoint pen & digital)

I'm a member of the illustration collective called Square Carousel, which was formed just this late spring/early summer among some fellow illustrators. Every so often there will be a challenge with a chosen theme to create a new personal piece. This is the piece I did for our first of many projects. Being the first project, the theme was carousel animals. I love horses so I chose to do a horse in Bedouin inspired ornamentation. Go ahead and check out the website to read more about Square Carousel and find out about the group!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Promotional mailer!


My design for my promotional postcard once I order them . . . These things take time . . .

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Official website FINALLY online!

Finally uploaded a NEW website, which I built myself (with the help of fellow illustrator and friend,Caitlin B. Alexander! Check it out my portfolio here: Catherine Fontenot Illustrations

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Scientific Illustration work

So, for my vary last studio elective at SCAD, I finally had the chance to take Introduction to Scientific Illustration. My only regret about my decision was that I did not take this class two years earlier and take several other classes related to a scientific approach. I am thoroughly enjoying it and discovering an interest in a different field of illustration. I always have loved studying and drawing wildlife (probably pretty apparent) and now I intend to pursue this field more seriously after graduation.

Each of these projects used different materials than my usual illustrations, but it was so refreshing trying new techniques. Here are some examples of work from this class, as well as sketches:

Rieger begonia botanical illustration (watercolor on hot-press board)

Raccoon skull (traditional stippling technique using crow quill)
Sketch studies of mountain lion

Sketch studies of mountain lion

More studies of mountain lion

And more mountain lion sketches . . .

Sketch for final piece

Research notes on mountain lions

Sketches for final piece

Mountain Lion (Felis concolor / Puma concolor) in scratchboard technique

Mountain Lion (Felis concolor / Puma concolor) in scratchboard technique

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jigsaw girl . . .

A few more pieces left for this puzzle . . . Looks like things are starting to come together this quarter at SCAD: I've designed my logo & business cards, revisited my artist statement, and polished up my resume. I'm finally prepared and looking forward to the last couple of art shows at the end of the school year as well. AND, I'll be making a trip to New York City in the middle of June! My first time ever in New York, so it will definitely be an interesting experience. There's still much more to do for school and life in general, but the reality of being an artist and becoming a professional is feeling good!


business card (back)

business card (front)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sidewalk Arts Festival in Savannah, GA!

To alleviate some of the stress from mid-terms, I decided to participate in Savannah's Sidewalk Arts Festival this past weekend! The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was refreshing. A great way to spend the day procrastinating from a work . . .  Didn't complete my square for the judging of the contest, but it was fun anyway!

Got a square right next to the trashcan! Oh man, I'm lucky!

Adding some whimsical designs . . .

Oh deer! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know it's been quite a long time since my last update, but things are going by so quickly during my last few months before graduating from SCAD. I'm so excited, but really pretty nervous. I haven't really had the time to think about it anyway . . . Just finished with mid-term exams, and I'm eager to get focused on more artwork!

Well, within the next month or so I will present my new logo, get my official website up, and get with the program of posting current work! So keep checking back :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Portfolio site!

So, I finally made myself get some kind of portfolio site up. It's just a temporary one, but it will do for now. Well, check it out here!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Closing page for my portfolio with a Texan twist ;)
Ad for the event Blues on the Green in Austin
Goose Girl book spread without color
Goose Girl book spread colorized :P

These are a few of my final projects from my winter quarter at SCAD. All of these were done in ballpoint pen, and then later digitally colored. As much as I love watercolor, Photoshop seems to be growing on me due to fast-paced deadlines.
 The first is my closing page for my Portfolio Class, which will be the last page presented in my printed portfolio. Because I'm from Texas, I felt that I should represent - in this case, the Jackalope. I think I'm going to explore drawing more variety of animals in my spare time; so fun!

I suppose I was on a Texas kick when I decided to illustrate an ad for Blues on the Green in my Vector Illustration class. I had some fun and did a pun  on Edouard Manet's  Le déjeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) with the placement of the figures and a little bit of editing. I felt that the mood was so fitting. The last 2 images were also from my Portfolio Class. I chose to illustrate a less popular Grimm fairytale, The Goose Girl. This image would be for a children's book, but the story is a bit dark in nature . . . I love it. It's a little lengthy, but it's the perfect revenge story! The actual size of the drawing took a long time using ballpoint pen, but I really would like to continue illustrations for this fairytale. Maybe others too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ek Chuah


back of box

side illustration (cacao tree)

side illustration (Mayan temple)

front of box
Yes, it seems I've been doing lots of product illustrations lately! This is yet another package design project for my Type & Image class. I chose to make up my own beer to illustrate the 6 pack case it would come in. Dark chocolate stout sounded like a fun and exotic variation on a universally loved beverage. Going with the chocolate theme, I did my research on the origin of chocolate discovered by the ancient Mayans over 2000 years ago. I found it even more interesting that they first consumed chocolate as a beverage!

I came to the name Ek Chuah because its the name of the Mayan patron god of chocolate. I always love researching mythology and symbolism to incorporate into my illustration work. All of the illustrations for my template have symbolic connection to Mayan mythology and chocolate.

I will also add photos of my mini mock-up 6 pack soon! It's kind of cute! Now, I really want to try some chocolate stout beer for myself . . . .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opening portfolio image . . .

This is an illustration I did as a vignette for the opening page in my portfolio. I wanted the image to be a bit simplistic with plenty of open space for my name, which I added later. I had in mind to do an image that would maybe go with a wine label, perhaps a Pinot Noir. Something sensual and dark . . .

For some reason this JPEG file of my image looks messier than it should. The color is a little off, too . . . Might update this soon!

Monday, February 28, 2011

J'aime ce fromage!

Front of package with individual cheese wedges

Back of package

This is a packaging project that I did for my Vector & Raster Illustration class. I had to create my own template and design illustrations for a product. I made up my own brand of cheese, inspired by Liz Lemon's recurring night cheese munchies from NBC's television show 30 Rock. I confess that I am addicted that show! I wanted to make up a brand that seemed like a gourmet French cheese, so I decided upon Fromge de Lune - meaning Moon Cheese in French.
And, yeah, I did animals again! They were fun! I left the raccoons eyes white, so they looked like animals when their eyes reflect light in the dark. The raccoons kind of represent that late hour of the night/dark hours of the early morning when you get the munchies . . . You can't go wrong with cheese!

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I did a poster!

When first I heard about the Savannah Stopover Festival and that the event was holding a poster contest, I was soooooo excited! I knew I had to gather something together for it. I came across this was a large drawing I started a few months ago, but never finished. Within just 1 1/2 days, I scrammed to finish this 18 x 24 drawing . . . I loved most of the music groups that will be performing at the Savannah Stopover Festival, but I chose to use my image for the band Xray Eyeballs because I think it fits their mood, music, and aesthetics.

I personally would like if my craftsmanship was better, but there's only so much time I could take using a ballpoint pen. I think it came out alright, but if I had a choice I would have started working on it a week ago.

 The 2011 Savannah Stopover Festival is March 9-12! If you're in Savannah, GA and love music you should check out the bands playing and figure out how to score some tickets!!! Do it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Run, Pig, Run"

Final book jacket in color

This was my first project doing a complete book jacket. I had the most difficult time choosing exactly what book I would want to do a cover for, but I kept being drawn to William Golding's Lord of the Flies. I have pretty much loved majority of the literature I've read in high school and college, and I still feel Lord of the Flies has been in my list of top 3 literary works. So much symbolism and depth, I could re-read that book every year. There are so many themes to analyze and interpret, and the characters are so richly developed.

I wanted to communicate the fear and chaos of the lost boys; yes, almost like mocking the lost boys of Peter Pan's weird story. Don't judge me, but I always hated Peter Pan, because I think Lord of the Flies is a realistic portrayal of how the Peter Pan tale really would be. Dark, miserable, and abandonment of most inherent moral principles due to fear. I mean, what would Peter Pan's little buddies do if there wasn't any food to eat? By invoking more animalistic and aggressive behavior, the young boys were better able to cope with their fear and sense of longing. Survival was priority, but each boy desperately so wanted to be socially accepted by the others.

I was also listening to Queens of the Stone Age's Run, Pig, Run . . .