Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!

Although it's post-Valentine's day at this moment, I could not help but succumb to my desire to share these vintage Valentine cards. Quite interesting concepts & imagery . . . They're amusingly morbid to delight those not feeling so lovey dovey this Valentine season. Have a chuckle & enjoy!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Square Carousel Challenge 12!

ballpoint pen & digital
So, our 12th challenge for Square Carousel was Sh*t Politicians Say. I had quite a time thinking about all the things I find so frustrating about politicians and the way the address or not address current issues. For my subject I chose sh*t politicians don’t say and topics that completely don’t appear relevant to them; in this case, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that occured over a year ago. There is little to no coverage on the national news, no political candidates seem to discuss the pressing issue, and the news media seems to have abandoned reporting on this environtmental crisis. In researching I came across an article from Scientific American about the remaining oil that is “missing” in the Gulf. Instead, the public hears construed information or nothing at all about what is happening to the environment, people, and the lasting effects that will plague the Gulf Coast. The American public is unbearably blind to so many issues because of the censorship of national news and the political leaders that enable the ingnorance of this country’s citizens. “Ignorance is bliss.” The saying makes me cringe.

I illustrated this hermit crab to represent the oil spill and the scrawny significance it seems to hold in the eyes of politicians and the media. The tiny creature only indicates the smallest fraction of the effects of such a tragedy to the Gulf Coast.