Culinary things

So, these are some things I've concocted while expressing the culinary side of the arts . . . I love cooking and baking, and seem to learn something new every time I get into the kitchen. It's a great way to relieve stress, and still be artistic: at least I won't have to worry about screwing a drawing!

Upside-down plum cake, before it was flipped

Upside-down plum cake! Yay!
Lemon-scented pound cake
Damn good shortbread cookies (yeah, they were that good)
Balsamic & garlic marinated pork chop, balsamic & honey roasted carrots and onions, and a little fresh spinach for some greens!
Garlic & cherry tomato sauce from scratch
Penne tossed with my homemade sauce and my eggplant - portabello mushroom bake. The melted provologne cheese makes the kitchen smell amazing!
Vegan-friendly black bean chili. Trust me, you won't miss the meat! (and I love meat, too!)

Pound cake when non-stick spray, doesn't always mean non-stick . . .