Monday, April 16, 2012

Tigerlily Tea label design

ballpoint pen & digital
ballpoint pen & digital
ballpoint pen & digital
For our 15th challenge in Square Carousel we were free to choose what we would work on. I chose to do a label design for a made-up tea brand called Tigerlily Tea. I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept & experimenting with hand lettering. I think I would like to take things further & maybe develop some idea for packaging design to go along with this . . . Still trying to decide which idea I like best, but I think I like the first!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I take a crack at fashion illustration!

For the 14th challenge of Square Carousel illustration collective, we collaborated with another group of fellow illustrators called the Pen Pals. The theme of this challenge was What I Wore Today. Definitely something different, and actually very fun for me to try. I was honestly surprised at how much fun I was having doing a little fashion illustration - almost like shopping without spending the money in a way . . . I can pretend!

I have to say it's been a great pleasure seeing this collaboration with the Pen Pals, and I hope we do this together sometime again. So for this challenge, I did more of an outfit that I wish I wore today, haha! I'm still shopping to find that nautical striped blazer . . . Think I saw it at J. Crew . . .

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!

Although it's post-Valentine's day at this moment, I could not help but succumb to my desire to share these vintage Valentine cards. Quite interesting concepts & imagery . . . They're amusingly morbid to delight those not feeling so lovey dovey this Valentine season. Have a chuckle & enjoy!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Square Carousel Challenge 12!

ballpoint pen & digital
So, our 12th challenge for Square Carousel was Sh*t Politicians Say. I had quite a time thinking about all the things I find so frustrating about politicians and the way the address or not address current issues. For my subject I chose sh*t politicians don’t say and topics that completely don’t appear relevant to them; in this case, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that occured over a year ago. There is little to no coverage on the national news, no political candidates seem to discuss the pressing issue, and the news media seems to have abandoned reporting on this environtmental crisis. In researching I came across an article from Scientific American about the remaining oil that is “missing” in the Gulf. Instead, the public hears construed information or nothing at all about what is happening to the environment, people, and the lasting effects that will plague the Gulf Coast. The American public is unbearably blind to so many issues because of the censorship of national news and the political leaders that enable the ingnorance of this country’s citizens. “Ignorance is bliss.” The saying makes me cringe.

I illustrated this hermit crab to represent the oil spill and the scrawny significance it seems to hold in the eyes of politicians and the media. The tiny creature only indicates the smallest fraction of the effects of such a tragedy to the Gulf Coast.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interest with a 'P'!

So, now I'm hooked on Pinterest . . . Feeling inspired to get busy with the sketchbook, so I'll be posting more personal work in 2012 :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December already?!

So, I've been kinda MIA in Square Carousel for a bit (not to mention my illustration work in general) and I'm gradually finding time to catch up with the group. This was my piece for challenge 9, a recipe contest. I was soooo excited for this They Draw and Cook challenge because I love to cook and bake; it’s my other creative outlet when I’m feeling frustrated with my sketchbook. I love to bake sweets (as I also work part time as a baker), but I’m also very health concsious. This a salad that harmonizes sweet, tart, and savory tastes for the holiday season. I use fruits that are in season and savory ingredients to balance the sweetness. Keeping a watchful eye on your figure isn’t so bad during these celebratory occasions if the food you create is flavorful and beautiful. Be an artist in the kitchen and play with some color and mix up some textures – it’s even beneficial for your health! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Don't Only Come Out at Night

We Don't Only Come Out at Night, ballpoint pen & digital

We Don't Only Come Out at Night (black & white), ballpoint pen
Challenge 7 for the Square Carousel illustration collective was to illustrate one of our fears. For my fear I focused on my initional reaction of panic: cockroaches. Yes, I love animals; frogs, snakes, and rats don’t phase me but when I see a dark little silhouette scurry across a kitchen wall I flip out. It’s pretty emabarassing cursing like a sailor about a tiny thing. Looking up reference images just made my stomach turn . . . I found the title We Don’t Only Come Out at Night to be a fitting name for this piece. I wasn’t sure if I prefered the black and white version or the colored, so I posted both.

Disgusting little bastards (excuse my French) . . .