Monday, February 28, 2011

J'aime ce fromage!

Front of package with individual cheese wedges

Back of package

This is a packaging project that I did for my Vector & Raster Illustration class. I had to create my own template and design illustrations for a product. I made up my own brand of cheese, inspired by Liz Lemon's recurring night cheese munchies from NBC's television show 30 Rock. I confess that I am addicted that show! I wanted to make up a brand that seemed like a gourmet French cheese, so I decided upon Fromge de Lune - meaning Moon Cheese in French.
And, yeah, I did animals again! They were fun! I left the raccoons eyes white, so they looked like animals when their eyes reflect light in the dark. The raccoons kind of represent that late hour of the night/dark hours of the early morning when you get the munchies . . . You can't go wrong with cheese!

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I did a poster!

When first I heard about the Savannah Stopover Festival and that the event was holding a poster contest, I was soooooo excited! I knew I had to gather something together for it. I came across this was a large drawing I started a few months ago, but never finished. Within just 1 1/2 days, I scrammed to finish this 18 x 24 drawing . . . I loved most of the music groups that will be performing at the Savannah Stopover Festival, but I chose to use my image for the band Xray Eyeballs because I think it fits their mood, music, and aesthetics.

I personally would like if my craftsmanship was better, but there's only so much time I could take using a ballpoint pen. I think it came out alright, but if I had a choice I would have started working on it a week ago.

 The 2011 Savannah Stopover Festival is March 9-12! If you're in Savannah, GA and love music you should check out the bands playing and figure out how to score some tickets!!! Do it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Run, Pig, Run"

Final book jacket in color

This was my first project doing a complete book jacket. I had the most difficult time choosing exactly what book I would want to do a cover for, but I kept being drawn to William Golding's Lord of the Flies. I have pretty much loved majority of the literature I've read in high school and college, and I still feel Lord of the Flies has been in my list of top 3 literary works. So much symbolism and depth, I could re-read that book every year. There are so many themes to analyze and interpret, and the characters are so richly developed.

I wanted to communicate the fear and chaos of the lost boys; yes, almost like mocking the lost boys of Peter Pan's weird story. Don't judge me, but I always hated Peter Pan, because I think Lord of the Flies is a realistic portrayal of how the Peter Pan tale really would be. Dark, miserable, and abandonment of most inherent moral principles due to fear. I mean, what would Peter Pan's little buddies do if there wasn't any food to eat? By invoking more animalistic and aggressive behavior, the young boys were better able to cope with their fear and sense of longing. Survival was priority, but each boy desperately so wanted to be socially accepted by the others.

I was also listening to Queens of the Stone Age's Run, Pig, Run . . .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. Fox Meets Mr. Red

Mr. Fox Meets Mr. Red 

I always wished I would have learned to skateboard. It's still a possibility to learn, but while I'm in art school I suppose I can just stick to designing the decks . . . . NOTE: Details look so much better up close or zoomed in!

This skateboard deck design was done while I was experimenting and learning with Adobe Illustrator. I used to hate this program with a passion, but now I actually love it! I scanned in the ball point pen drawing of the fox and cardinal, and created the image with layers of texture from old leather, cracked cement, and coffee stains. I actually really enjoyed doing this, and I think I might create a few more for a set!

For a cookbook in the making, perhaps.

Curiouser & Curiouser book cover art
(going to add my own text later to flex my typography skills)
Baby bella mushrooms & garlic (interior vignette illustration)
Eggplant & tomatoes (interior vignette illustration)

These 3 illustrations are the first few pieces of my portfolio development. Because I enjoy cooking so much, I entertained the idea of using my love for both drawing and cooking. I am actually taking the idea of publishing my own cookbook much more seriously. I mean, why not do it? The title of my book would be Curiouser & Curiouser, featuring recipes that I have created along with family recipes that collected and I tweaked to make a little bit more health conscious. 

All of the images were done in ball point pen, but I used watercolor for the cover as well. The vignettes were left in black in white because they probably would be printed as such if (or possibly when!) my cookbook would be published. This is so exciting!