Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some mid-term projects . . .

Here are a couple of mid-term projects that I finished this week. The first one is an album cover for my electronic illustration class (basically digital illustration). I really like to use drawings that I've done by hand first; it's just not the same when drawing on a Cintiq. I later combined the sketches in Photoshop and colored them digitally. There are layers of various rough papers with coffee stains that I also scanned in for some texture. I chose to do a cover for Spinnerette because I don't think many people have listened to them before, and I happen to really love their music. This image is intended to illustrate the song, All Babes are Wolves, and kind of reflect the aggressive mood of the music. The girl wearing the wolf skin is the singer, Brody Dalle.

This other piece was done for my advertising illustration class. The project's concept is about moving the location of the dinosaur exhibit in the Museum of Natural History. Pretty much what the poster says . . . Dinosaurs! Rawr! It was fun being inventive with the colors. This was done in pen & ink, and all with traditional watercolors. Scanning and printing this thing a b*tch because the colors and values didn't translate that well . . .


  1. The Illustrations look great Catherine. Your Blog looks fantastic. Very professional.-JM