Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Scientific Illustration work

So, for my vary last studio elective at SCAD, I finally had the chance to take Introduction to Scientific Illustration. My only regret about my decision was that I did not take this class two years earlier and take several other classes related to a scientific approach. I am thoroughly enjoying it and discovering an interest in a different field of illustration. I always have loved studying and drawing wildlife (probably pretty apparent) and now I intend to pursue this field more seriously after graduation.

Each of these projects used different materials than my usual illustrations, but it was so refreshing trying new techniques. Here are some examples of work from this class, as well as sketches:

Rieger begonia botanical illustration (watercolor on hot-press board)

Raccoon skull (traditional stippling technique using crow quill)
Sketch studies of mountain lion

Sketch studies of mountain lion

More studies of mountain lion

And more mountain lion sketches . . .

Sketch for final piece

Research notes on mountain lions

Sketches for final piece

Mountain Lion (Felis concolor / Puma concolor) in scratchboard technique

Mountain Lion (Felis concolor / Puma concolor) in scratchboard technique

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  1. Wow Catherine, I love all of these! Especially the botanical, the coon skull, and your final mountain lion sketch of the hand in it. Good job, I def. think you should pursue this :)