Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katharine & Company and Interning with AMSET



I started a curatorial internship with the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, Texas two weeks ago, and I just finished designing a postcard for the upcoming exhibit called Obsessive Worlds. The exhibit opens towards the end of this month and continues until early January 2012, featuring fifteen different contemporary artists. I was eager to start more graphic design work, and this internship gives me the opportunity to.

Meanwhile, I also started training for my new job around the same time. I am currently training to be a baker at the local restaurant Katharine & Company in Beaumont, Texas, which I am thouroughly enjoying. I always loved the food there, and now I have the chance to explore my culinary curiosity in the realm of baking! Check out the website to find out about their hours and delicious menu . . .

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  1. Cool stuff! Are you still interning? Your design work is nice!