Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Don't Only Come Out at Night

We Don't Only Come Out at Night, ballpoint pen & digital

We Don't Only Come Out at Night (black & white), ballpoint pen
Challenge 7 for the Square Carousel illustration collective was to illustrate one of our fears. For my fear I focused on my initional reaction of panic: cockroaches. Yes, I love animals; frogs, snakes, and rats don’t phase me but when I see a dark little silhouette scurry across a kitchen wall I flip out. It’s pretty emabarassing cursing like a sailor about a tiny thing. Looking up reference images just made my stomach turn . . . I found the title We Don’t Only Come Out at Night to be a fitting name for this piece. I wasn’t sure if I prefered the black and white version or the colored, so I posted both.

Disgusting little bastards (excuse my French) . . .


  1. I think you spent too much time in Savannah! (I don't remember the TX roaches being anywhere near as scary at the GA roaches!)

  2. Oh, haha! The flying tree roaches are nightmares on wings, and they're in Texas, too. Evil things!