Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December already?!

So, I've been kinda MIA in Square Carousel for a bit (not to mention my illustration work in general) and I'm gradually finding time to catch up with the group. This was my piece for challenge 9, a recipe contest. I was soooo excited for this They Draw and Cook challenge because I love to cook and bake; it’s my other creative outlet when I’m feeling frustrated with my sketchbook. I love to bake sweets (as I also work part time as a baker), but I’m also very health concsious. This a salad that harmonizes sweet, tart, and savory tastes for the holiday season. I use fruits that are in season and savory ingredients to balance the sweetness. Keeping a watchful eye on your figure isn’t so bad during these celebratory occasions if the food you create is flavorful and beautiful. Be an artist in the kitchen and play with some color and mix up some textures – it’s even beneficial for your health! Enjoy!

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