Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some summer sketches, drawings, and other doodles . . . .

It's been over a month since I last posted, so I thought I would try putting up some things that I've been doodling in my sketchbook since June. Some of these are more finished than others, but they are all done just for myself. Because I usually have a pencil handy, most of them are just graphite, but I plan on working on more colored work this summer. Believe it or not, I do use color!

I was studying the anatomy of a cat skull when I came up with this drawing. I'm not sure what I should call it . . . Cat's Got Your Tongue? A Little Birdie Told Me? Oh well.

The pig with the glasses was just a doodle that I kind of turned into a drawing. I was thinking of Lord of the Flies, and that it could be interesting if it were illustrated. I liked that it went into the spiral part of my sketchbook.
I love drawing animals, and canines are some of my favorite to draw. I'm not finished with this yet, so the story behind it will come later. No image references were used, so I did it just from my head.
Just like I was inspired by the dancers and their movements, I could not help but admore the athleticism and grace in the soccer players of the FIFA World Cup. I'm starting to explore the dynamism in their different movements.

And here is another dancer that I did! I couldn't scan it in, so I had to take a photo of it instead. Thus, the color is really, really off, and it looks really blury. It was done in pen and ink, and marker. This piece goes with the other dancers I did last summer.

I had to take a picture of this one, too, but there is not supposed to be a gradation on the background: just solid white. I wanted to call this America the Beautiful. I did this in reaction to the Gulf Coast oil spill and how it was horribly affected the area. Because it's blury, it is difficult to see the details. The bald eagle clenching onto the hand of America, is oblivious to the blood running down her hand due to its own tight grasp. We are desperate to hold onto whatever profits oil has to offer, regardless of the detriment to the environment and the general welfare of the American citizens. We are ourselves, drowning in oil and a society of greed and consumerism.

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