Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of fall quarter . . .

So, it's finally the end of my last fall quarter at SCAD! Well, I'm actually kind of sad that things are going by so quickly. I feel that there's so much to learn that I never want to leave! But now it's winter break and time for me to work on my own some. I think this will be a great production time for me, actually.

Oh! And, I also happen to draw people! Yes, human beings. And, I even like drawing people. These are some gesture drawings from my Life Drawing II class. There are many, many more, but I thought that's enough from my sketchbook.

I had a few projects that I haven't posted yet. The cowboy boots were an idea that I'd been dreaming about for a while now, and I decided to try putting my idea into visual form using Photoshop. It has actually turned out as something that I would really like to attempt to on actual boots. I just need to find a way first . . . 

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