Sunday, November 21, 2010

My friend, the ball point pen

Though one of my professors (he/she shall not be named) didn't seem to be much of a fan, I found that the ball point pen was a good friend of mine. I think I'll be using this pen a little more for my own work. I like that it reminds me of tattoos . . . a field of illustration that I really hope to explore more. In fact, I have really been toying with the idea of going into tattooing . . . The cowboy boot project got me thinking "western", so I did a red-tailed hawk, hare, and coyote (which isn't quite finished yet). I did these animals to play around with ideas and kind of get used to the feel of the pen.

The image of the Virgin Mary was actually from a project for my Advertising Illustration class, in which we were assigned different Haiku poems to illustrate. Here's how mine goes: "Biting the orange. Acid drips too easily. A question of thirst." My interpretation of the poem really became something kind of personal to me, as I am finding my work does more and more. I noticed that things tend to come out even better when they're quite personal though. I did this all in ball point pen, and then colored it digitally. I really loved doing this project, but I think I might like it better in black in white than in color.

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  1. ball point pens are sweet. keep experimenting with them :)