Sunday, January 9, 2011


This was actually done from a sketch that I did earlier in the fall of 2010 (which can be seen in an earlier blog entry), that I decided to play around with my extra time in November. Blue isn't necessarily my favorite color, but I have been enjoying this beautiful blue ink that I purchased while I was in France over this past spring.

I started with my original pencil sketch, modifying the drawing as I let my thoughts and mood direct my creativity. (The addition of the deer tail tied to the antlers was actually inspired by white deer tail that my dog had found earlier that day.) I inked over the graphite drawing with a dip pen in the ink that I find so inspiring, then digitally colored the background a flat blue tint. Something about the blue feels so spiritual and serene to me. I haven't come up with a title of the piece, so for now it's Untitled.

I have a few other things I worked on over the holidays, but a matter of posting them just takes me time . . .

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