Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ball point pen rediscovered . . .

These are a few more projects that I've been doing this winter with ball point pen. The first 3 are part of a project illustrating the alphabet. I just chose 3 random letters to depict using the theme of classic tattoos. I ended up tinting them with different hues digitally, but I still think I like them monochromatic. I might change what I have posted later . . . 

The fourth piece above is a piece I did for Save the Tiger! It might be used as a poster to promote an event funding help for the endangered tigers. I did the full size of 13" x 19" in watercolor and ball point pen (took lots of tedious time!). The event is scheduled near Valentine's day, so I kept that in mind with the mood of the drawing. I really enjoyed doing this piece, and I really think is a direction that will continue to pursue in my professional illustrations. What can I say? I love animals and they never get me bored .  . .

More stuff to come soon!


  1. Wow Catherine! The letter images are lovely, and the tigers are absolutely STUNNING! <3