Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ek Chuah


back of box

side illustration (cacao tree)

side illustration (Mayan temple)

front of box
Yes, it seems I've been doing lots of product illustrations lately! This is yet another package design project for my Type & Image class. I chose to make up my own beer to illustrate the 6 pack case it would come in. Dark chocolate stout sounded like a fun and exotic variation on a universally loved beverage. Going with the chocolate theme, I did my research on the origin of chocolate discovered by the ancient Mayans over 2000 years ago. I found it even more interesting that they first consumed chocolate as a beverage!

I came to the name Ek Chuah because its the name of the Mayan patron god of chocolate. I always love researching mythology and symbolism to incorporate into my illustration work. All of the illustrations for my template have symbolic connection to Mayan mythology and chocolate.

I will also add photos of my mini mock-up 6 pack soon! It's kind of cute! Now, I really want to try some chocolate stout beer for myself . . . .

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