Monday, February 28, 2011

J'aime ce fromage!

Front of package with individual cheese wedges

Back of package

This is a packaging project that I did for my Vector & Raster Illustration class. I had to create my own template and design illustrations for a product. I made up my own brand of cheese, inspired by Liz Lemon's recurring night cheese munchies from NBC's television show 30 Rock. I confess that I am addicted that show! I wanted to make up a brand that seemed like a gourmet French cheese, so I decided upon Fromge de Lune - meaning Moon Cheese in French.
And, yeah, I did animals again! They were fun! I left the raccoons eyes white, so they looked like animals when their eyes reflect light in the dark. The raccoons kind of represent that late hour of the night/dark hours of the early morning when you get the munchies . . . You can't go wrong with cheese!

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